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♥ Messages To Sierra From Her Friends

"Sierra I miss you, I miss walking to McDonalds EVERY day with you and I miss your weird ass cough that I would always try to do but couldnt-__- I miss how you would come up to a group look at erveryone and then walk away. I miss our lunches with you, Anna and me. I miss you being the only one that could make me laugh if I was sad or sick. I miss the random funny ass videos you would post on my wall and all the inside jokes we have. I miss your obsession with rapping 24/7 and how everytime you came down to Fremont you would have a new verse or line from a song that you would repeat over and over and over. I miss my bestfriend and I hope wherever you are that your safe and that when you come back You, Anna, and me can be THE THREE BESTFRIENDS THAT ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE again<333 I just want to see your Beautiful face again because your the only person I know who can walk into ANY room and light it up and make it happy. I miss you so much more than any words can describe and I cant wait until your back. I Love you so much and I miss you even more." -Audrey Weatherton, Friend
"I miss you so much i think about you everyday. I need you back you're someone I can always confide in you were always there for me. I miss texting you and hanging out with you 🙁 we have some good memories ♥ Sierra i love you with all my heart goodnight ♥" -Ashley Campbell, Friend
"I didn't know you for a lonnng time. But I still considered you as my bestfriend. I miss your weird cough that sounded like you were smoking something. I miss your red high tops that always had the tough out. I miss walking to your locker, and trying to fight for the reflection from the door. I Miss you. & I know posting stuff about you doesn't help. But it's just not the same without you. I miss you Sierra & I wish you would come home already." -Karissa Pugh, Friend
"Come homeeee ): the world has seemed so out of balance since you've been gone. I'm missing you more and more everyday, you never leave my mind. youre too young and innocent for this to be happening. you've always been there for me and I'll always be here for you until youre found and anytime after that. sounds super cheesy but I can't even hold it in anymore. I love youuuu beave. ♥♥" -Jenna Wondka, Friend
"Can't stop thinking about you. I miss you SOOO much words can't even explain. Miss walking into first period and us smiling at eachother, having our talks after school while we were waiting for the bus, when I was crying and you gave me a hug, and I cried even more, when you would text me the randomest things, our random conversations, or when me, you, and my sister had planned to go see Project X cause you said you wanted to see it again, when you showed me the type of music you listened to and asked if I thought you were weird for listening to that. When we would tell eachother our problems and give eachother advice, when you told me I made your day for telling you I thought you were beautiful, I miss you so much.. I LOVE YOU!! 🙁 ♥" -Jocelyn Del Rio, Friend
"I miss you so much sierra 🙁 i still cant believe this is happening.. just stay strong and i know we will find you. You dont deserve any of this and i feel horrible that this had to happen. I cant wait to hug and laugh with you again. I LOVE YOU ♥ we all want you home. I would of never thought this would happen. I think it has made everyone stronger and taught us something. I think about you 24/7 and pray that you're safe. i love you i love you i love you!!! ♥" -Breanna Godlesky, Friend
"Hey Sierra, if you're reading this right now just know that i cant get you off my mind. I cant stop wondering where you are right now or when you're coming home. Please come home soon. We all miss you so much. You were my childhood bestfriend. You are the person who was my bestfriend for the longest. I remember growing up with you, all of our sleepovers. How we loved Christmas time and we'd always sleep in the living room with the huge christmas tree, falling asleep to a Disney movie. And i remember how we listened to the hot chocolate song from the Polar Express a million times. I remember how we both peed our pants about 5 times in 6th grade, because back then "weenie" was the funniest word ever. I remember when you first got Chester and how he kept attacking us. I remember playing Sims for hours, and i thought you had the biggest computer screen ever. I remember in 6th grade when we got in trouble for talking during a test, because we couldnt stop laughing. I remember all our little fights over stupid stuff, but we could never stay mad at eachother. I remember how we said we'd never grow apart, then after 8th grade we rarely talked. I regret that. You are such an amazing person and please come home soon so we can hangout more and pee our pants and play sims and go to california pizza kitchen. I love you!" -Kaitlyn Cassidy, Friend
"This is Gianni. He is Sierra's friends, Tatiana and Alexia's, little brother. His mom, Joanna, says that he is in love with Sierra and asked her to marry him! And that he is mesmerized by how beautiful she is! He's even got the red Chuck Taylor's, like all of Sierra's friends!!" -♥  


  1. April 11, 2012
    You guys stay strong and she'll come back! That perverted man that took her or woman needs to bring her home! I didn know her but it breaks my heart ! Stay strong and we'll all get thru it!
  2. April 11, 2012
    I'm so sorry to each of you for your loss. I pray that wherever she is that she comes home safe very soon. I can only imagine the pain each of you and most of all her family are feeling each moment. Please know that there are so mnay people that have brought Sierra into ther hearts and will continue to look for her and pray for her safe return. Keep your heads up and think of all the memories you have and the many memories you will make when she comes home! My love to each of you and to her family
  3. April 11, 2012
    it is so so so sad, I really hope and pray she returns safe! She sounds like a lovely girl and im sure you all miss her to pieces, be strong all of you, and keep hope up!
  4. April 11, 2012
    Sierra's disappearance hits far too close to home for me. I viewed Sierra's Twitter and Tumbler accounts and her comments sounded so much like my own 16 year old daughter. As a matter of fact, my daughter said the same thing. She said, "If I knew Sierra, she and I would be friends - no doubt!" and then she said "I'm adding her!" in hopes that Sierra will come home soon and they will become friends. As a matter of fact, the description of Sierra on this site sounds exactly like my kid! We hope and pray Sierra is found safe and soon. I know it sounds dire right now, but stranger things have happened. She has some of the best resources on her side (Marc Klass, Michael Le) and an ARMY of neighbors and residents searching and ready in a heartbeat to ensure justice is served on whoever has her. I have a very solid theory based on what I have read, but I hope I am not completely wrong (perhaps I do hope my theory is wrong) and that Sierra is with someone she cares about and at this point feels obligated to protect because they are in too deep. On the off chance that's the case, I hope she sees that many people love her and care about her and are pushing their entire lives aside to bring her home. Hopefully she will use that brilliant mind of hers to end the madness. To Sierra's family: I don't know how you do it. Talk about tenacity! You remind me so much of Michael and Christine when Michelle was missing. I have the same admiration for you as I did them. I honestly don't think I could do it. Then again it's impossible to even pretend to imagine what it's like to be in those shoes, which is why I don't rush to judgement. To Steve: Wow! What a way to be "outed" (for lack of a better term) yet you have handled yourself with dignity. It would have been so much easier to hide in the shadows, but you have held your head high in order to do what you need to do for Sierra, and for that I commend you. It's a huge move/risk that is likely to follow you forever (even moreso than before). Kudos for being a dad rather than a coward. Please email me if any of you need anything at all, even if you just need to talk or vent (sometimes it's easier with someone you are not close to) or if you want to hear my theory or need an analytical problem solver to help you think outside the box, or if you want to talk to my daughter for some parallel insight into Sierra's thoughts... anything. Please do not hesitate. Even if you feel like you can't get out of bed one day and need someone to change your catbox - I'll be there in a heartbeat - No questions asked! :) Hang in there, stay strong, and continue doing exactly what you are doing!
  5. April 11, 2012
    i am praying for for Sierra that she will be found very soon and be safe.i cant imagine being in your shoes i do have have the best team helping and try to stay strong i know it has to be hard.shes a beautiful girl and i will keep praying for her safe return
  6. April 12, 2012
    I think about u everyday more than once a day hoping you return to your family n friends in safe conditions.I'm always checking the web for any updates concerning you. I have two nieces your age with the same personalities and if they were gone missing my world would come to a end. Please make it back soon! <3 much love xoxo
    • April 12, 2012
      I hope she makes it home safe. Everyday i wake up & check for updates about her hoping she made it home safe. She is in our prayers here in Texas.
  7. April 13, 2012
    God bless you Sierra. Please god bring her home safe. Every parent, brother, sister, uncle, grandfather, cousin that lives in the area, get out there and help look for clues. The family needs more than 100 volunteers. They need over a thousand or more to continue looking for clues to where she may be. This weekend get out there, if even just to get exercise. Please help and volunteer. God bless you Sierra Lamar.
  8. April 13, 2012
    Have you checked into the Sund/Carrington Fund for reward money? I've donated to this fund before and it seems to me it would be appropriate for this.
    • April 13, 2012
      Thank you for your support. They did great work while they were able to, as they assisted many families. Unfortunately, the Sund/Carrington Foundation closed in 2009.
  9. April 13, 2012
    since the day i hear about the news of a missing girl from Morgan Hill it hit me to find out the she was only 15 years old. i hope she comes home safe and my prayers go out for Sierra.
  10. April 13, 2012
    I pray for Sierra to make it home healthy, and safe. She is an extremely beautiful girl who needs to be home!!! I am also 15 and I don't know Sierra Lamar but I feel like I've known her for years through your website and if I could, I would do ANYTHING at all to help out to find her. Unfortunately I'm all the way in Wisconsin... yeah, your story does go a long way. Sierra, you're in my prayers and I hope as soon as you make it home and settle back in, you add me... as soon as I get an account! :)
  11. April 13, 2012
    Sierra, I miss you SOOOO much. Even though we haven't hung out in a year, i know that things wouldn't of changed a bit. I miss those days when we were 12 years old, laughing our asses off about nothing. We would always get into those little fights but we could never stay mad at eachother. I remember all of our sleepovers, and during Christmas time we'd sleep in the living room with the christmas tree lights as our night light. I remember listening to the hot chocolate song from the polar express a million times. I remember that time in 6th grade when we got in trouble for talking during a test because we couldn't stop laughing. I remember when you first got chester and he kept attacking us because he thought we were playing. I remember how we were obsessed with Disney, and i still am. My head is flooding with memories of you because you were the person who was my best friend for the longest. You were my first real best friend because we had such a good time together. I love you and i miss you so much. PLEASE come home soon, safe and sound. Love, Kaitlyn Cassidy
  12. April 13, 2012
    I hope she makes a safe return from what I read on her twitter she seems like a sweetheart I'm hoping whoever has her return her home. Even thought I never met her this case makes me feel like shes a part of my family
  13. April 14, 2012
    God bless you Sierra. We are all praying for your safe return. You are such a beautiful girl and you need to come home.. To her family I don't know how you do it. I don't think I would have the strength to go through all this...God please give them they strength they need to get through this until Sierra comes home. Walk with them cause they need you more now then ever. We put it in your hands lord and understand that you have the final say so on what happens and that every thing you do you do for a reason we have all faith in you lord in Jesus name we pray amen
    • April 16, 2012
  14. April 14, 2012
    I have been following this case since this happened. I live in Florida and check 2-3 times a day for updates on sierra. This horrible story has a hold on my heart. I pray to God they find her alive and very soon. My thoughts and prayers are with sierra and her family. I raise my glass to sierra in the hope that she is found alive this weekend.
  15. April 14, 2012
    Sierra, My name is Alex Reyes I'm a friend of Ashley Campbell and Audrey Weatherton although I never got a chance to meet you in person all of your friends @ Washington High School in Fremont, Ca has given me the insperation to move on. Ever since you vanished I have been in a depression & all of your friends has taken me under their wings and taking care of me. Due to the fact that I'm disabled, I have been getting the courage to find other ways to help you and to show you how much you mean to me, I have partnered up with your friends, family & child Quest International to create the HELP FIND SIERRA LAMAR like page ob FACEBOOK & today, we have over 100 LIKES and also I been getting alot of great feedback. I ask god that he watches over you & I will NOT rest untill you come back to all of your friends safe & sound and I also wanted to let you know that I WILL RISK MY LIFE TO SAVE YOURS EVEN IF I GET HURT OR KILLED IN THE PROCESS & I mean that from the bottom of my heart because I'm prepared to pay the ultimate sacfaise becaus I have been praying for you since u vanished and I WILL NOT rest untill you come come 100% safe & sound. In Conclision, I ask god to watch over you and you are home with your family 100% safe and sound god bless you and your family now & forever - Alex Reyes Fremont, Ca
  16. April 14, 2012
    I will continue to pray to God for Sierra. May He help her, and may she know He is there. May He provide answers and peace to her loved ones and friends, and may there be justice for all of this one day. Vengeance is His...
  17. April 14, 2012
    I don't know what exactly drew me to follow Sierra's case; whether it was her smile that is just contagious, even through a computer photo, or whether it's that I have daughters, one who is almost her age, or what it is. All I know is, that amidst the large number of tragic missing kids cases these days, I have followed Sierra's specifically, every single day, praying for her safe return to her family and friends. I don't know Sierra or anyone connected to her, but her beautiful smile and the very idea that someone may have tried to take her away from her family and friends gripped my heart. My heart hurts for all of you who are waiting anxiously for her to return home, and our family prays each day for her safety. As an outsider on the other side of the country, I have nothing I can offer except my constant prayers for her safety, and strength for her family and sweet friends, whom I know cannot wait for her to come home. If I were a Californian, I'd be out on foot in a second, helping in any way I could. So, from Alabama to California, my family sends you hugs, support, and love, and constant prayer for Sierra's safe return and for peace for her family and friends. God is faithful, and mighty to save!
  18. April 14, 2012
    Just found out about Sierra on CNN's Nancy Grace and i had to google her name to find out more information.I find it to be so sad that there is not enough national news coverage on her disappearance. I pray she is found alive and safe .
  19. April 14, 2012
    Theres alot of sick people in this world I dont kno her shes a very pretty girljust by lookin at her she looks nice im praying everyday for you guys just stay strong and let god handle it and the F.B.I
  20. April 14, 2012
    I pray that Sierra is found and is ok. I pray the family keeps their faith and resolve during such a difficult time. May the Lord answer their prayers. All we need is just one person out there to find her..please may she be found any moment..I check in every day hoping she is found and can just return home..hoping for good news
  21. April 15, 2012
    I have been following this story from day 1. I wake up every morning and look for updates, waiting for the day Sierra is found safe. Sierra has become a big part of my life. She became everyone's daughter the day she went missing. I wish I lived closer so that I can help with the searches ...I live in NY and just recently went on vacation saved her pics on my phone and kept my eye out everywhere we we went...I will continue to do so till she's found Sierra's family: I'm so terribly sorry you all have go through this horrible nightmare...I pray everyday that beautiful Sierra is found safe... Never give up hope! Just know there are people in NY that think about and pray everyday for all of you & for Sierra's safe return ...
  22. April 15, 2012
    I don't know Sierra or her family, but my heart is with them every day. I can't imagine what her or her family is going through. It's awful to think that someone would so carelessly take a child, a sister, a daughter, a best friend, away from her home. I hope & pray that this person is brought to justice & that Sierra is safely returned back to the warm arms of her family, friends, & community. The place where she belongs!
  23. April 15, 2012
    I think it's great this website was made. It is a great tool to keep spreading news and updates on Sierra as well as helping to get the case more nationally recognized. That being said, after reading some of the comments left by visitors to the site, I have to wonder if any of these comments are being monitored and/or looked further into? Some of the comments here are a little creepy, as the writer(s) seem far too obsessed with the case and/or Sierra. I know this story has touched all of us, even though most of us have never met Sierra, but some of these comments are straight up creepy!
  24. April 16, 2012
    My Prayers Goes Out To You & Your Loved Ones.... I ask god to watch over you and you are home with your family. safe and sound . Please God watch over Sierra bring her home ... The Cobb Family .
  25. April 16, 2012
    Freinds of Sierra my heart bleeds for what all of you are going through right now. I see it in your tweets. But as a word of caution to all of you please remember the Internet is a dangerous place. Be careful of what you say and to you. I am praying for Sierra safe return not only to you but most of all to her family.
  26. April 16, 2012
    I'm so glad this website was created, one spot for any and all updates. I've been following this case hoping and praying for a new lead or that she is found. After reading Sierra's Twitter, she sounded so much like my 15yr old daughter. From the random quotes, to the red chucks, and the beautiful photos. I have no other words other than I hope she is found alive, unharmed and soon. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers,Bridgette Huerta
  27. April 17, 2012
    I am very happy to hear that there are new clues in the sierra Lamar case. Today is a day filled with hope and the beginning of sierra's journey back home to her family and friends where she belongs. God bless.
  28. April 17, 2012
    My heart goes out to Sierra's family. I pray that she makes it home safe and sound very soon. My heart brakes every single day and I can't even begin to imagine with the family is going through. I have two young children and I just want to hold on tight. There are too many sick people in this world. Stay strong!
  29. April 17, 2012
    God our Father, your Son Jesus Christ, as a child, was lost in the chaos of a great city and was restored to the love of his family Watch over Sierra, now missing, for whom we pray and protect her with your love. Be near to those who are anxious for her; let your presence change their sorrow into comfort, their anxiety into trust, their despair into faith, that they may know your loving purposes. And this we ask in the name of Jesus our Lord, Amen AMEN
  30. April 18, 2012
    We are all praying for your safe return. All of Morgan Hill is looking for you, everywhere we go we see your face. You are everyone's daughter... WE won't give up. My heart goes out to your family. Stay strong!
  31. April 18, 2012
  32. April 19, 2012
    As a Mother and Grandmother....I hope that Sierra is found safe and returns home to be with her family. I wish 'we' the ppl of Morgan Hill knew more about the case. We all have questions such as; have all the tweeters been interviewed? How about the child molesters that live near her home...I read that one of them has been arrested in the past for kidnapping. It's on the Megans Law website. Lots of questions.... We must have faith in GOD....and Sierra...if you are out there....and can walk away....Please do...for your family! Just my opinion.....
  33. April 19, 2012
    I have been praying for your safe return from day one. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of you and I start to pray for your safe return. I see you in All the young girls I see. My niece grew up in Morgan Hill also,so I feel a connection . I will continue to pray for you and your family and friends. God is good and he is with you all. Blessings, Suzanne
  34. April 19, 2012
  35. April 21, 2012
    My husband and I are in Morgan hill tonight, were visiting all the way from Burbank California in the Los Angeles county. This story has touched me so deeply. I've thought about sierra everyday since hearing about her disappearance, I've read her tweets an her tumbler account, I feel that just by reading everything I have about her like I know her or at least the kind of person she may be. I have a 15 year old girl who could probably pass as sierras sister with how similar they look and act on twitter and tumbler, this all hits so close to home. Ill continue to pray for you sierra. Ill walk w the search teams because I know you are worth it all. We love you so much sierra please come home safe and soon so a nation can rejoice and our hearts can be put at ease. We love you. Please remember that always.
  36. April 21, 2012
    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I live in Ontario, Canada and saw this case on "Nancy Grace" and cannot stop thinking about it. I think this story touches every mother as it could have easily been any of our daughters. I am hoping for the best for your family and just thought it might help to know this is not just a local story, that people everywhere want her found safe and brought back home.
  37. April 22, 2012
    Sierra, I felt fortunate to be able to join the search efforts this weekend and will be back as long as it takes. When I see your face I see my own daughter. Prayers and love sent to you and your family. Know that you are on everyone's minds, in everyone's hearts and do not give up. We will see you soon! xNissa
  38. April 23, 2012
    My prayers are with this family in there time of need.
  39. April 23, 2012
    Dear Lord, Lend the searchers Your guiding hand as they embark on this quest to recover this missing individual, Sierra. Jesus taught us that the good shepherd would forget everything but to find the one lost sheep. May that lost sheep be never alone while the shepherd searches. Grant them the strength, insight, and resources to recover the lost one. Grant them the harmony to work together in mutual support. Hold them together as they spread out to search. We pray Lord, that you hold the Sierra in Your care. We pray for the family of Sierra. May You comfort them with Your presence and the knowledge that so many care and want to help. We give thanks for each person who has stepped forward, and for every prayer offered. We know that You are all, and that light always overcomes darkness. The good shepherd will never give up the search. Amen To sierra's family someone who lives far away said this prayer for Sierra's family and the searchers. It touched my heart so deeply I hope the family can read this and know, Sierra is on all of our minds, and in our hearts and in our prayers. Bless you
  40. April 26, 2012
    i am still not giving up hope that sierra lamar is found and soon. as as the days go by i check for updates hoping that she will be found and i know that she will be. if i lived in cali i would be searching for her as well. my thoughts and prayers are with sierra and her family. she is on my mind every day as well as many others who are missing we must bring them home.
  41. April 28, 2012
    Dear Sierra, I have never met you before but I too went to Washington high school and it deeply saddens me too know that you are missing. I feel so sorry that this has happened to you. You did not deserve this. But still I hope and pray that one day I will read online that you were found, and your family can have you back. Like I said I don't know you but i care very deeply about you and your family. Too whoever has her please bring her back, you can still fix this, it's not too late. Bring Sierra Home!!
  42. April 29, 2012
    my heart aches for sierra and her family. everyday i go on the website just to see if there has been an update. keep your hopes up and think about all the missing girls that have been found alive. that can be sierra one day. i will continue to pray for her safe return.
  43. May 1, 2012
    This is absolutely heart breaking...My youngest is 16...and I am always surrounded by teenagers. If it be at one of my son's baseball games or when we have a birthday party or just him hanging out with his friends...I know all of them..This is so unfair at this point in your life to go through this kind of pain and confussion...I cant even wrap my mind around if this was to ever happen to any parent...And how can you handle it...God is the only one that can give us the strength that we need in this kind of situation..I talk to my son about what happened to Sierra and we pray for her...Please Lord, bring Sierra home to all those that love her so much and miss her terribly...To all Sierra's Friends...Stay strong because Sierra needs you to be. And pray for her.....Let this make you stronger in every area of your precious lives...God Bless you all
  44. May 3, 2012
    Here is the link to the video clip where I was featured on KGO Channel 7 news last night. The news crew followed me during the search yesterday for Morgan Hill's missing teen Sierra LaMar. (Give the video a minute or two to load.)
  45. May 5, 2012
    Dear Sierra, You don't know me but I've been staying up to date with your story since I first heard that you went missing. It has touched me so deeply that I feel connected to you in some way as if you were my own blood. There's not one single day that goes by that I do not think about you, your friends, and family and pray that you will come home. You remind me so much of me when I was your age. You are such a gorgeous girl whose smile is contagious even through pictures. Listening and reading to what friends and family say about you makes me feel like I've known you for years. There are some sick people in this world and I will never understand why they would ever want to put anyone through what you and your family are going through. You're so young and full of life, it's not fair. I try to get the word out about you as much as I can. You must know that you have touched so many people all over the world. You have become more than just a story. You've become everyone's sister, daughter, and friend. I will continue praying for your safe return Sierra. I will never give up hope for you, and hopefully one day I will be able to meet you. God bless you sweet girl.
  46. May 8, 2012
    To Sierra's Family, I can't begin to understand how you are making it through this, I am a father of a 13 year old daughter (her name is Sandra), and would be going insane. I pray that she is returned to you safe and sound, I hope that the ferver to find her does not fade until she is found, and I hope anyone involved in her disappearance is caught and punished to the FULLEST extent of the law!! My prayers go out to you and for the safe return of Sierra, I have no extra money to donate, no way to help in the search (other than keeping my eyes open for ANY Red VW jetta with a black hood), but wish I was a millionaire so I could use my resources to help find her faster.
  47. May 8, 2012
    To Whomever is involved in Sierra's disappearance, Let it be known, Sierra is a young lady that did nothing to deserve what you have done, you need to let her come home NOW. She is loved and missed by thousands more than before you took her. It's not too late to do the right thing and let her come home, many people are searching for her, it's only a matter of time before you are caught. PLEASE do the right thing and let her come home safe and sound. If you have harmed her in ANY way.........well I'm a U.S. Army Veteran & Father of a 13 yr. old girl, that should tell you what people like me are capable of, so I'll leave it at that. Let her go home, let her be with friends and family, where she is loved. You are already in enough trouble and the longer you keep her from her parents the worse it will be for you, PRAY that the Police or FBI find you before someone like me does. To Law Enforcement, Don't stop looking, don't let budget concerns effect the case, don't let politics get involved in this case. Keep working the case UNTIL she is found, find the Person(s) involved and make sure they never see the light of day outside solitary confinement again regardless of their age. You may be "concerned" about something in my above comment, I.E. a "veiled threat" to those who may be involved in Sierra's disappearance, but I'm sure you all feel the same way and if you really think you need to arrest me over it....well it won't be hard to find me. this case really hits home for me because I myself have a 13 year old daughter.
  48. May 10, 2012
    I saw you on Americas most wanted. I then typed in your name on facebook and found you. It was a weird feeling. i then followed you on twitter and I was reading your tweets, it was like we were just alike! Even though I'm from Illinois and you're from California, I am still trying to help. I have friends that turned up missing and never returned and I neverrrrr want that to happen to you :b I'm always checking updates on here to see whats going on with your case ^_^ ofwgkta.
  49. May 13, 2012
    wonderfull page, I surprisingly benefited from glossing over it, keep up the good writing.
  50. May 14, 2012
    I cant read anymore, my heart is literally breaking and until an hour ago I had never seen or heard of Sierra. I feel so helpless see im a little further away than you all. I found this on MSN. Im in New Zealand. What me and my wife can do though is pray, that I promise to do until she is found and to share the posters via email with our 15 friends in the States, 6 in Canada and 6 work collegues currently residing in mexico. She will be found . Stay strong the LaMar whanau and never give up hope. Kia Kaha.
  51. May 14, 2012
    wow this is really really the saddest thing ive evr heard. this story has gone a long way im from hatch nm and all i keep hearing about is this poor girl keep posting fliers nd web pages!! soon they will find her!!! shes such a beautiful girl and this shouldnt be happening to her i hope they find her safe and ok. they need to keep looking for her and never give up hope!! best wishes to her family and friends -from followers here in hatch
  52. July 2, 2012
    I hope they find you. Your faith is so tragic and unfair, How could anyone just do this to a beautiful person such as yourself. I remember being 15, when the world is still so unknown and new. Your whole life is ahead of you and the last this on your mind is being kidnapped. I hope they find you Sierra you don't in anyway deserve this..

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