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♥ Danielle’s Message To Her Sister, Sierra

"Sierra, it has been a month too long and you are on my mind every second of the day. I miss being weird and goofy with you. I miss mimicking everything you do and laughing until we practically pee our pants. I miss hearing you call me sissy, just like you've been calling me since you were a baby. I miss making fun of mom and dad with you. I miss yelling at you for making a mess in the bathroom and borrowing my clothes. I miss teasing you about boys and confiding in you with my own problems even though your 6 years younger than me. I miss you blasting your rap music in my car and you making fun of me for listening to country. I miss saying our "phrases" that we would only say around each other and laughing at stupid stuff that isn't funny to anyone but us. I miss hearing you rap to Nicki Minaj and Drake. I miss all your weird crazy laughs and your feisty personality. I miss everything about you. I know your strong and you will fight until we bring you home. I will never lose hope and will pray you make your way home safe until you do. I love you so much lil sister and can't wait to see you again." -Danielle LaMar, Sister


  1. April 10, 2012
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this most difficult time. God bless, Friends in Jamaica
    • April 12, 2012
      Dearest Danielle, I am so very sorry that you have to experience this sadness. I cry when I think of what you are going through. It is difficult to explain why this unbelievable event has occurred and it hurts the soul so much to think about all that has happened and all that your sister, your mom and dad and family have to endure. A day never goes by in which I don't pray for her return. There are so many people out there sending postive thoughts and praying. She is smart and where there is will, there is a way. I know that words of support now are hard to grasp and material things just don't have a place in your heart as they did before. Hold something of hers and think of her as you do and that will bring strength and peace as we try to find her. With love, Dorothy
      • May 1, 2012
        Praying for Sierra and the whole family. Hoping for her to return soon and safe!! xoxo
    • April 13, 2012
      I pray that she comes home ok soon, at the same time I keep my eyes open on the road on my commute and be sure that many people do the same ...
  2. April 10, 2012
    Danielle, I know Sierra loves you very much too. I am sorry that Your family is going through this. I have sisters too and everything you just said made me think about them. I am praying Sierra comes home too so you can both make fun of your parents and confide in each other. A sister, no matter how many giggles, will always be your sister.
  3. April 10, 2012
    My prayers are with you and your family. She's going to be home soon!
  4. April 10, 2012
    I pray and think about Sierra every night. I'm 7 years older than my sister, and if she went missing I would be indescribably lost and be in so much agony. I consider Sierra to be my sister, and all the way out here in Canada, never having physically met this beautiful young girl, I miss her, and just want her home, safe and sound with her family. I love you Sierra, stay strong. My prayers go out to the family, God bless. Stay strong, don't ever give up, justice will happen one day.
  5. April 11, 2012
    My heart bleeds ,literally for you,I see Sierrra's beautiful face and can only think of my daughter Anna,she is 16 and could be Sierras twin. Question,Did Sierra have a Facebook page,If so are you able to find out who her friends were/are? Please email me asap. Mark Alexander
  6. April 11, 2012
    God bless you and your family this has touched many people including myself - I do say a prayer for Sierra each night I just wished I could do more to help . Let me know what I can do and I'll try ..........
  7. April 11, 2012
    Danielle,from the start i have felt pain and prayed daily ive wen on searches,watched the news and cant stop thinking,about Sierra.I am a Mother and can only imagine the pain and sorrow ur family must be going thru.I will continue to pray and continue to help on searches for Sierras safe return,Stay strong Big Sister ,i know u love and miss her terribly.The lord will bring ur family together again.Have Faith...
  8. April 11, 2012
    My heart goes out to you and your family .I am praying for Sierras' safe return and sharing as much as possible on my facebook page and with the public.God bless and let's get that sister of yours home .
  9. April 11, 2012
    We are praying for Sierra & your Family.....We will keep looking & helping where we can....God Bless..................
  10. April 11, 2012
    Honey, continue to hold your sister close to your heart! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! As a mom I couldn't just sit at home and not help. I have been volunteering almost daily for the searches. She's very lucky to have a big sister like you! Until we bring her home...stay strong!
  11. April 11, 2012
    Dear Daniella, God Bless you, your beloved mother, father, and beautiful Sierra... May our Lord God give you strength and peace during this hard time. NEVER give up hope... Always KNOW that God is protecting Sierra... Each of you must never ever forget this... GOD is your hope... strength... and needed miracle... I awoke from a nap today, and just as every time I awake from sleep now, Sierra was the first thought in my heart, mind and soul. I want you to know I saw her in my minds eye today and she is alive. I saw her bound, but unharmed. Although I have prayed hard that my meditations would bring visions of her, this was the first time I actually invisioned her since her abduction. I have always intuitively felt she is alive and todays vision comforted me deeply. I want you to know she is alive... Please do your best to NOT ALLOW yourselves to IMAGINE what she has, is, or may experience! Because your imaginations of such are not real and will only bring great agony into your lives! You must do your very best to FEEL HER PRESENCE... Feel Sierra as if she is with you... within your very heart! LOVE SIERRA WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH... HOLD HER TIGHT WITH YOUR LOVING CONSCIOUSNESS AS YOU BEHOLD GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU AND SIERRA... YOUR LOVE OF SIERRA SHALL PROTECT HER... IT IS IN BEHOLDING GOD LOVING YOU... LOVING SIERRA... SURRENDERING UNTO GOD'S OMNIPRESENCE... THAT MIRACLES SHALL BRING SIERRA BACK HOME SAFE. NEVER ALLOW IMAGINATIONS OF SIERRA'S SUFFERING! FOCUS ON LOVING HER... EMBRACING HER... BRINGING HER HOME TO YOUR LOVING EMBRACE... Remember everyone grieves differently and each of you must accept and honor one another as you find yourselves grieving for Sierra. Be patient with one another... listen to one another... consoul one another... And when you must cry because your heart is crushed! Give each tear to GOD... Telling GOD: "I give YOU the pain of my love for Sierra... I give YOU my fears for Sierra... I give YOU my sorrow... I give YOU my weakness... I give YOU everything I AM... I give YOU the responsability of protecting Sierra and bringing her home... I will focus on LOVING SIERRA & holding her in my heart where I confide with YOU GOD..." Then FOCUS on feeling SIERRA and JUST LOVE HER... Treat your bodies good, making sure you each drink plenty of water and eat well. Sleep when sleep calls you and rest when you are tired and always, always LOVE... LOVE... Love Sierra. Danielle, try and continue reaching out to whom ever is holding Sierra against her will. Tell them to be kind to Sierra... to be gentle with her... to care for her health and to feel love for Sierra. Tell them to please let her go so she can come home safely. Keep reaching out to who ever has Sierra and touch their heart. My sister Carla Salinas Simmons was lost in 1999 during a sexual assult so I know the deep suffering you are experiencing. This is how I KNOW you MUST NOT IMAGINE bad things about Sierra... Imaginations are not real and will only increase suffering. I am in the process of sending a letter to your family with information about a local psychic who has solved many crimes. In this letter I shall better introduce myself to you and your family. I have wise emotional advice to share with each of you because I too have experienced similar horror regarding my beloved sister. In closing I want to reassure you I saw Sierra alive in my vision today! So KNOW she is alive and love her... love her... love her... Both Mark Klaas and the SSC Seriff Dept agents investigating Sierra's abduction have my phone number so I give permission - via this note to you - for them to give you my home phone # so you and or your family may phone me if you wish. Please leave a message if I do'nt answer the phone, as I am disabled and sometimes move slowly. Sierra and each of you are constantly in my heart felt prayers... God Bless... Lovingly... Joseph Thaddeus Salinas
  12. April 12, 2012
    I don't know you or your family. In fact, I live on the other side of the country. But I just want you to know that ever since I read the first news article about Sierra's disappearance, I've been praying for her safe return to your family. If I lived in CA, I would be searching with you all. I pray that God's peace will be with you. Hang in there and know that people in Florida are praying too. (((HUGS)))
  13. April 12, 2012
    To the Lamar Family, Our thoughts and prayers are constantly with you and Sierra. We don't know her personally but feel as if we do. We will continue to search for her and bring her home to all of you. Sierra has become everyones child and we have faith that she will come home.
  14. April 12, 2012
    Dear LaMar Family, Your beautiful daughter and your sister Sierra name has came up during conversations every since she went missing. Everyone feels sad and pain of what your family and Sierra is going thru. You must have faith.....I pray that Our Lord Jesus Christ brings her home safe. I pray for strenght for your whole family. Danielle I love your letter to your sister their is so much love and joy shared between the both of you. Please take care of yourself so that when she comes home you both can continue the joy you have together.
  15. April 12, 2012
    To The Family : lots of people care and praying for you 24 hours a day, including me TO THE ONE WHO TOOK HER: if you reading these. they may not have found you yet, but be sure someone is watching every move you make ,every breath you take. look to you right, left,behind in front, in your heart in your head,... every where, he is watching and has all the POWER. I am talking about GOD , the one who created you and has put you in this earth for a while to TEST YOU. be afraid of him come clean, bring Sierra back to her family, he may forgives the right thing. DO NOT FORGET ,HE IS WATCHING EVERY MOVE, BE AFRAID,YOU ARE NOT ALONE. DO THE RIGHT THING If you do the right thing, look how people are nice, some may try to help you you need help and there are people that understand and if you do the right thing they may come to your help.PLEASE come clean, I am a grandmother of 4,you may have a grandmother, think about what she want from you now, make her happy. DO THE RIGHT THING.
  16. April 12, 2012
    So Sad :'( That Sierra Mae LaMar Already Been Missing For At Least 3 And A 1/2 Weeks & They Still Haven't Found Her... My Prayers All Go Out To Her & Her Family & loved Ones<3 .. We Hope She Will Come Home Safe<3 .. We Will Not Give Up Looking For Her... Please Come Back Home Safe Sierra L. <3 #HelpFindSierraMaeLaMar <3<3 ..
  17. April 12, 2012
    I have been following Sierra's story from the beginning and hope that one day I google her name will come back with a headline that says that she is found...till that day keep your hpe and faith in GOD... Another thought that came across my mind was that have the police looked at the victims family that the father has hurt? Not to be judgmental but that could be a possibility.. Regardless I wish your family the best!!!! Take Care!
  18. April 12, 2012
    Danielle, I, like many of the repliers here, have followed this heart-wrenching nightmare for a period of time. I was struck by Sierra's magnetic beauty and innocent appearance. She seems like a person full of energy, life, and, from her pictures, can seem to be quite mischivous when she wants. This is how you described her: a fun-loving, adorable, affectionate prankster. I have a sister just like that. Her name is Jacquie. I couldn't imagine the state I would be in if she was abducted. I just think of Sierra as my sister and cringe at what you and your family are going through! I don't know what kind of issues Sierra dealt with at school and at home, or in her transition from Fremont to Morgan Hill, but I hope that she was genuinely content (or as content as a ordinary teenager can be) in her life to not want to take risky measures. I am not from CA or America. I'm Canadian and live far away from you. But as a human being, I cannot but feel an immense concern for your sister. I want your mother's anguish to come to an end immediately! I want your father's fears and the questioning scrutiny against him to end! I want you to have your adoring sister back now! It is quite unsettling, to say the least, that this tragedy has taken place to anyone; yet more so, to the lives of your family and the families of all those in Santa Clara County who are scared, stressed and concerned at the thought of a serial human preditor amongst you. It is so sad that nothing more is known about your sister's disappearance at this stage. It feels so so eery. But I hope and wish and believe that your sister is alive! I have been praying and chanting and visualizing that your sister is freed from this ordeal for weeks now. I will most certainly continue to do that! As a university student myself, I know this time of year is like the most stressful time because of exams/Finals. I understand your a seniour? So you have to deal with end-of-term and this on-going nightmare. You are so strong to stay focused on your goal. I wish you so much to have your prescious sister back home soon and whoever is responsible for taking/holding her to be brought to justice--if that is the case. May your reunion with Sierra be so sweet and rapidly draw nearer. Keep well. Best wishes, Michael
  19. April 12, 2012
    Praying that Sierra will come home safely. My heart has been aching for you all since this happened and my prayers have been with you. I don't know how I would feel if this was one of my grandchildren My 16 year old grand daughter was missing for 3 weeks but we know she had run away and about where she was. We also had contact with her a couple of times. I do pray that Sierra will return safely, but if not the case, that she will at least be returned home. Love and prayers, Sandi
  20. April 12, 2012
    I pray for your sisters safe return. I am a mother of 3 children that are around Sierras age and I cant even imagine the pain and suffering of losing a child. I wish you all the best of luck in the search and I pray for her return. I hope the person who has took her pays in every way possible for everything he/she has put this family through. GOD WILL BE WITH ALL OF YOU!
  21. April 12, 2012
    My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with your family and Sierra. I have a 15 year old child too and it is unimaginable to me what your going through. I pray all day for her safe return back to you or at the very least peace for her wherever she may be. Sierra has a place in my heart and I never even had the pleasure of meeting her.
  22. April 12, 2012
    I've been surfing on-line greater than three hours as of late, but I never found any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is lovely value sufficient for me. In my opinion, if all site owners and bloggers made just right content as you probably did, the web will probably be much more useful than ever before.
  23. April 12, 2012
    Sierra and your family are in our thoughts and prayers every. single. day ... Stay strong and know you are surrounded by a loving community that will continue to keep Sierra's face and name known until she is found. <3
  24. April 12, 2012
    I hope and pray and wish for comfort for you Sierra. Your a great beautiful spirit
  25. April 13, 2012
    ididnt knoe her but imiss her so much !!! #FindSierra <3 always in my prayers ! <3
  26. April 13, 2012
    I pray for Sierra and your family. I pray that Sierra is found and returns home, I pray for peace and closure for your family. It is a horrible thing that you are all going through. I have been out on the searches trying to find Sierra. It's a hard thing to do, I pray that we find something and pray that we don't. I know the Lord is watching over all of you and I will continue to pray..
  27. April 13, 2012
    I love your blog! :)
  28. April 13, 2012
    Dear LaMar Family, My heart is heavy and filled with sadness. As a parent I can only imagine what you are all going through. Our prayers are with you. We have faith that Sierra will come home. We will continue to search for her. Sierra is truely a part of all of our lives and forever will be. I ask anyone reading this to please help anyway possible wether it be printing the flyer and hanging them everywhere possible or taking a few hours to at least go on one search if you are able to . Most of all keep Sierra and her family in our prayers. We need to come together and bring Sierra Home where she belongs.
  29. April 13, 2012
    I really like it!
  30. April 13, 2012
    I like it!
  31. April 13, 2012
    Nice, nice :)
  32. April 13, 2012
    May god be with you an your family in this time.. of heart ache and may Sierra be found safely.. I pray for your family everyday since I read about her disappearance.. whom ever has her or knows about her where abouts.. please let them understand how much this family is suffering.. god bless you!
  33. April 13, 2012
    I am so sorry you and your family have to go through this. Me being a dad of 2 daughters myself cannot even imagine what this must be like for your family. I am constantly checking in on the progress of this case and really hope there is a happy resolution today for the family. If there is a suspect in this case which there likely is hopefully he gets life in prison and it becomes known the suspect harmed a children. Apparently that make you really unpopular in prison
  34. April 13, 2012
    Dear Danielle, I am from Connecticut and came across your sisters story a couple weeks ago. I will continue to pray for her safe return to you and your parents.
  35. April 15, 2012
    Im sorry about everythinq that has been qoinnq on thiss month but keep stronq & keep youur heaad held hiqhh ! Staart lookinnq everywhere in different towns cities & So onn ! Ill praay for her & youur faamily
  36. April 15, 2012
    My thoughts are with you and your family. I have been following your sisters story from the beginning and every day I am always checking for her safe return. I can only imagine what your family is going through I am a mother of 3 children myself. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  37. April 16, 2012
    Useful post ! Thanks..!
  38. April 17, 2012
    My heart aches for you every waking day Mrs. Lamar. I live in Florida and we don't see much of what's going on everyday to find Sierra. I hope this nightmare ends soon. Why???
  39. April 19, 2012
    I am prayin hard for Sierra, you and your family. Hugs from southern California! Destinee
  40. April 21, 2012
    i have been praying for sierra since i seen this case on nancy grace.know that a lot of people are praying for you and your family.danielle you sound like an angel yourself.the truth will come out someday.there has to be clues to her wear abouts some where near.god bless you and your parents.
  41. April 22, 2012
    I can't think to imagine the pain you and your family are going through. My blessings go out to you and your family in your sisters safe return home. -Mario
  42. April 24, 2012
    Dear LaMar family. Please dont give up hope. I pray every morning I wake up and every night before I go to bed for Sierras safe return home. I will keep praying until she comes home safe.
  43. April 27, 2012
    LaMar Family, I'm not sure what to say but I'd like you to know that I care. I have been volunteering with the searches, posting flyers and donating what I can and I will continue doing so until Sierra comes home. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Much love, Loretta
  44. May 1, 2012
    To all close to Sierra, I know that there are no words that will ever be able to discribe your anguish and pain. Not knowing is the hardest. I have been praying for Sierra the moment I found out about her disappearance. My heart and prayers go out to you all...I am a single mom and cant even imagine what you are going through everyday Sierra is gone. Be strong and dont give up your hope of her return..We have a God that still performs miracles..So we all need to continue to pray and hope for Sierra to come home..God bless you all in your efforts...peace and strength to you all...
  45. May 1, 2012
    I live in Fremont, just down the road from your dad & I've been sick about Sierra's disappearance from the moment I saw the flyer go up on the light pole across from my kitchen window. Immediately, her warm eyes & infectiously bright smile made me love her. I feel as if she is my relative too (I read that someone referred to her as "everyone's daughter" & that is so true!) I can tell she is a remarkable person. I follow the news of the search everyday, each time holding my breath, hoping to see/hear those precious 3 words - Sierra is home! My bubble has been broken over & over - it hurts my heart. I've been on 5 searches (& would do more if my schedule permitted), my eyes are always scanning everywhere I go, & I've taped her flyers on every window of my car so that I am a rolling billboard of sorts, and I have one of the big flyers up in my front window of my house. Still, I feel sad that I can't do more. I just want her home with you & your parents. I can't imagine what you're going through, I hope your pain comes to an end very soon. I find myself "talking" to her often, telling her to hold on, to give us more clues, that she's not alone. I can't help it, I feel as if I'm connected to her somehow. I grew up in MH & my mom used to deliver mail to your mom's house. I think you are an amazing family with strength unheard of.
  46. May 2, 2012
    I do not know you or your sister but its so wonderful what you guys are doing to find her. she is always in my prayers. i live in Los Angeles Ca and were helping over here to spread the world to find your sister she seems like a wonderful person. BIG TIP : Make Sweaters and other Products like posters and sell it here on this website because many people over here have been asking for them :)) 14 year old briana
  47. May 3, 2012
    I really hope that you find Sierra! Whoever took her, GIVE HER BACK!!Please!
  48. May 4, 2012
    Danielle, We are praying and thinking of you and your family as we wait for a safe return of Sierra. LITP
  49. May 4, 2012
    I do not know Sierra though, I wish I did. I live in Ohio and I check everyday to see if she is home! I am so sorry for you and your family. I am 12 years old and I cry reading everything about her on the internet! All I feel at this point in my life is anger and hurt. I hope who every did this KNOWS that they will be caught and Sierra will be brought home and the (name I dont want to say) will be caught in front of Sierra and she will yell and scream this to the bad person "you son of a B**** you knew you were gonna get caught and now it has rose apon us!!! HA! Don't do this agian." Reading Sierras twitter posts she is so kind and she is somebody I wish I knew she is so pretty. I hope to be like her when I am 15!! I love all of you! She is so pretty, kind, sweet. Let god become before her and let her loose! Lets pray- Dear Hevanly Father, please allow sierra to be safe and let her come home to her family God you are the goather that can let her loose let Sierra's mom. dad, and Danille find her somewhere, God let these wishes come true. You are our Father Lord please allow our wishes be true of her being safe and alive lord. If she is gone let us know somehow, everyone even those who do not know her are in agnie for her, I am 12 dont know her and am crying as I am typing her in Ohio, lord please please please let her be safe and let her be found. In Lords name, Amen
  50. May 7, 2012
    Dear LaMar Family, My heart hurts for the pain you are going through. I don't have words of comfort but know that people are thinking of Sierra as well as your family during this terrible time. Angela
  51. May 7, 2012
    From one sister to another sister, Danielle, when reading this letter I cannot help but think that you are describing my sister and I. From goofy words that only you two understand to rap v. country, these comparisons just added to my breaking heart for you and your family. I know I can not even begin to fathom how you are feeling, but I want you to know that your strength and determination is not going unnoticed. I know that your love for Sierra cannot be measured, but through this letter it is easy to see what an amazing sister you are. Keep your head up as best as you can and keep fighting for her. Praying for all of you during this tragic time.
  52. May 12, 2012
    Dear Danielle, ever since i heard about sierra i always had her in my prayer and its hurting me too as im not getting a ton of sleep. Be strong danielle and take care im not giving up until sierra is found
  53. May 13, 2012
    Cooler Post :-) Wo ist der Facebook Button?
  54. May 13, 2012
    Im in australia and just read your story on the internet.. good luck finding your sister, i'll say a little prayer for you tonight when i go to bed. Xx
  55. May 14, 2012
    Oh Danielle, I am so so sorry. Ive just found your sisters story and this website link on msn. I cannot even begin to imagine what your going through. I feel so helpless but me and my wife will pray for you, your sister and your family every day. Of this I promise you Kia Kaha {Maori for Stay Strong} and never ever give up hope My love & prayers Andrew Drake Auckland, New Zealand
  56. May 17, 2012
    I pray for you and your family, I hope she comes home safely. I have hope. ❤
  57. May 17, 2012
    I pray for you and your family, I hope she comes home safely. I have hope.

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